The Military Engineer Spotlights Aviano AB, Italy

The Military Engineer magazine has a great article written by Michael Sedge about working on international projects. Michael is a successful author and speaker, but is also an owner of Michael-Bruno LLC. They were our Italian subcontractor/partner on our recent Aviano project that we did with Synergy Kirlin JV. This was a very successful project. Javier Mora was our onsite Project Manager and there was also an onsite manager for Synergy. Jake Gum and Luis Luna headed up the efforts on this side of the pond. Barry Klassy headed up the project from Kroescell’s side. There were many others that assisted to make this project successful. As a small bit of background info, we went into this with an end user that wanted no part of us being there. They did not have an issue with SKJV, but did not like our competition and just assumed we would be more of the same. Our CCASS rating was about the best I have ever seen and the facility wants us back to do more work. Congrats to the entire team that put this project together and built it and to our partners in Italy who we could not have done the project without.

KB-TME Article

Stand Down Week Achieves 100% Participation

For the second straight year, Kirlin Builders has achieved 100% participation from our construction professionals and subcontractors in completing OSHA’s Stand Down to Prevent Falls in Construction.

Fall Protection is one of the most commonly cited OSHA standard violations. In 2014, the year before the program was implemented, 337 of the 874 fatalities on the job site in construction were as a result of falls from elevation. These are preventable tragedies that with awareness, training, and a team buy-in concept can be drastically reduced.

At Kirlin Builders job sites from Maryland to Hawaii, each of our construction professionals led sessions with our subcontractors to review proper fall protection measures on the job site – notably ones specific to our ongoing projects. That’s more than 75 projects at over 33 locations across the United States. Kirlin Builders construction managers and our subcontractor reviewed proper use of equipment, checking for safe processes, and being proactive about spotting and stopping unsafe practices.

Last year we were part of the over 2.5 million workers who took part in this nationwide effort. This year, OSHA expects more than 5 million participants to Stand Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. Thank you to all our dedicated site staff who made our 2016 Stand Down week a rousing success, and to 100% participation for 2017!

Kirlin Builders at the Blue Book Showcase Event

On October 22nd Kirlin Builders was at the Blue Book Network’s Showcase event at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, MD. This event aggregates General Contractors, Architects, Facility Managers, Property Managers, Subcontractors, Suppliers, and Manufacturers under one roof for the purpose of educating and building new relationships for clients and partners alike.

Kirlin Builders at “Meet the Primes”

On October 14th, Small Business Administrator Lisa Smith represented Kirlin Builders at the 7th Annual “Meet the Primes” event at the Maryland State Fairground – Exhibition Hall in Baltimore County, MD. Hundreds of prime and subcontractors were in attendance to network and find new partnering opportunities. 

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2015 CRSC Conference & Expo

On October 7th, Safety Director Mustafa “Moose” Hamid, ASP, CSM, CHST represented Kirlin Builders for the Chesapeake Regional Safety Council Conference & Expo at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, MD. Leading safety experts from around the region converged to discuss the latest industry developments related to OSHA compliance strategies, NFPA 70E changes, adaptive safety plans, safety prequalification, crane safety, environmental hazards, risk conditioning, and infectious disease outbreak. These are all items that affect our project sites on a daily basis.

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