Repair Deteriorated AHUs

(Portsmouth Naval Air Station, VA)

Kirlin Builders completed a substantial project to repair deteriorating air handler units (AHUs) and their associated mechanical and electrical systems within a 1 million square foot naval medical center in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Kirlin Builders provided general contracting and project management to oversee the completion of this project which produced a far more energy efficient system for the building personnel, patients, and staff.  The failed and failing mechanical systems to be replaced at Naval Air Station Portsmouth included the replacement of coils with face reduced velocities. These new coils eliminated condensate carryover. Re-sloping of drain pans and correcting the drain traps on all of the AHUs were then performed. This repair allowed condensation to properly drain from within the unit with corroding the interior. Due to the salt air from the ocean, the interiors of the units suffered from evident corrosion and rust. These interiors were cleaned and re-coated to like-new appearance.  Failing seals, motors, humidifiers, and dampers that were identified as part of a feasibility study and Kirlin Builders’ design were replaced within each AHU.