Renew Pharmacy

(Fort Jackson, SC)

KB was tasked to perform work at Tri-Care Services, Inpatient Pharmacy and Outpatient Pharmacy located on the 10th, 8th, and Ground floors within Moncrief Army Community Hospital at Fort Jackson SC. Moncrief is a 12-story hospital totaling over 300,000 SF.  These new spaces added additional square footage and updated equipment that enabled the staff to better serve the needs of the soldiers. Relocating the Tri-Care Services to the 10th floor location allowed the Outpatient Pharmacy to be placed by the North Entrance allowing easier customer access. The additional space also allowed more working space for the User and waiting area for the Customer. The relocation of the Inpatient Pharmacy to the 8th floor where the patients are located allowed the User to serve them more efficiently. By expanding and renovating these areas we were able to add new equipment, casework, a HVAC system, and a Communications system along with the latest technology which enabled the staff to better serve the needs of the customer. Overall, KB provided a functional and eye appealing area for the new Tri-Care, Inpatient Pharmacy, and Outpatient Pharmacy.