Troop Medical Clinic

(Fort Jackson, SC)

The Troop Medical Clinic at Fort Jackson was a multi-phase project that required the design and renovation of two separate buildings. Building 4555, formerly an Army barrack and at the time of the project an abandoned space, was to be renovated to become a temporary Troop Medical Clinic while KB performed a renewal to correct failed and failing conditions of the adjacent Building 4575 Troop Medical Clinic. This need was precipitated by the Basic Training Mission needs and the mutual desire by KB and the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center at Huntsville to complete the project in a single phase. The renewed space was intended to lessen the patient burden on the operating Moncrief Army Community Hospital that serves the more than 12,000 families that call Fort Jackson, South Carolina home.

In total, KB renovated nearly 70,000 SF of building space to support the ongoing solider care needs of the base while transforming a previously abandoned building to bring state-of-the-art care to the clinic. Once the temporary building was renovated to meet standard clinic needs, we built an over 4,000 SF addition to the South side of the property.

The renewed space’s concept was to provide a full set of medical services and less operating suite functions.  As part of our effort, Kirlin Builders furnished spaces for Medical Records, Stat Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Psychiatry, Minor Procedures, Hydration/Observation and an Examination Department which includes 8 Screening Rooms, 23 Standard Exam Rooms and 4 specialized Gynecological Exam Rooms. In addition to the interior building components, the roof was replaced to upgrade the insulation, and the existing windows replaced with blast resistant units to meet anti-terrorism force requirements.