Women’s Health Clinic

(Fort Jackson, SC)

Kirlin Builders renovated the Women’s Health Clinic on Moncrief Army Community Hospital’s new 3rd Floor. The Women’s Clinic at the Fort Jackson hospital was in an outdated state of repair and required a complete modernization to bring the clinic up to world-class patient care standards. Moncrief is a 12-story hospital totaling over 300,000 SF.

Site Survey and Design efforts were coordinated with KB’s onsite management and design partner Ross & Baruzzini. During design, the KB team identified flow of traffic issues for patients based on the initial clinic concept. Working closely with the clinic staff, additional dressing and restrooms areas were added to ease patient traffic in the clinic and optimize the Women’s Health Clinic patient experience.

As part of the demolition effort, KB abated several asbestos-laden rooms within the Women’s Health Clinic area and the existing library. The east end of the 10th Floor also needed hazardous material remediation because of lead contamination. Once abated, KB completed demolition of finishes and clinic infrastructure.

Many of the furnishings and equipment were years beyond their expected life. KB completed the project in 3 phases while providing a partial renovation of the east end of the 10th Floor of the hospital. Those areas acted as a swing space for ongoing Women’s Health services. That 10th floor swing space was furnished exam rooms, exam/office rooms, offices, a clean supply, an ADA-accessible restroom, waiting area, three special procedure rooms, and a break room/locker area for clinic staff.

The new Women’s Health Clinic on the 3rd Floor was provided with 14 exam rooms, 7 special procedure rooms, 13 doctor and administrative offices, a library, clean supply, 2 waiting areas, a break room, an electrical room to dedicate power supply for the equipment, restrooms, and a janitor’s closet. New mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire suppression systems were installed to complete the clinic renewal.