Mr. Charles O. Burlew, Jr.

“The vital power of an imaginative work demands a diversity with its unity; and the stronger the diversity, the more massive the unity.”

– D. L. Sayers

It is the enduring commitment of Kirlin Builders, LLC to provide opportunity, stimulate economic growth, and encourage professional development, both through employment with our firm, and through our vendor and subcontractor relationships.

Diversity is vital to every project we pursue at Kirlin.  The uniqueness of individual strengths, ideas, and viewpoints, contribute to the collective that is key to Kirlin Builders’ success.  Kirlin Builders is wholly focused on the satisfaction of our customers through the on-time delivery of quality construction products, through the power of a diverse workforce and network of subcontractors who significantly and consistently contribute to our more than 20-year history of accomplishment of that goal.

At Kirlin Builders, we understand that in order to grow, we must always look for ways to improve what we do.  To ensure our ability to provide our customers and stakeholders the quality and value Kirlin Builders is known for, Kirlin looks to the horizon at a multifaceted sea of individuals and businesses who bring new technology, innovation, and perspectives to the construction industry.

Internships, Mentor Protégé and Joint Venture Programs, Subcontractor Outreach, and Strategic Teaming are just some of the programs that we hope will continue to attract qualified candidates and business partners to be a part of the Kirlin Team.

At Kirlin Builders we continually strive to develop unique, dynamic employee and business relationships with qualified candidates and subcontractors, from Large to Small Businesses and Disadvantaged firms.  We seek to foster long-term sustainable relationships with individuals whose service philosophy, commitment to results and the on-time delivery of a quality product, is in line with our business philosophy.

At Kirlin Builders we hope to be a meaningful part of your professional journey in the construction industry.

Work with Kirlin Builders

Kirlin Builders is a fully integrated design/build and design/bid/build contractor specializing in the repair, renovation, renewal, and construction of buildings. We have performed projects across the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and in Europe, and are a leader in repair/renewal projects. We have completed over 1,000 projects since our inception and are experts in the execution of medical, commercial, institutional, and building construction.

We strive to develop new business relationships with subcontractors, from Large to Small to Minority to Service Disabled and Disadvantaged firms. This practice is in line with a business strategy that:

  • Fosters our commitment to equal opportunity,
  • Satisfies our customers’ needs in diversity, and
  • Meets expectations of all laws and regulations.

This business strategy also sustains the economic development of the diverse subcontractors within the communities we serve, as well as the economy as a whole.

We’re looking for every construction trade imaginable! KB performs full building renovation and renewal, requiring all major trades, as well as more specialized expertise. We are especially looking for Small Businesses.  Even if you’re not sure of your business size or socio-economic status, we can help you through the process of pre-qualifying with us and registering for small business certification!

Subcontracting opportunities are available in, but not limited to the following construction trades and Construction Specifications Institute codes:

  • 01 91 00     Commissioning
  • 02 40 00    Building Demolition
  • 02 80 00    HAZMAT
  • 03 00 00    Concrete
  • 04 00 00    Masonry
  • 05 12 00     Structural Steel
  • 05 50 00     Misc. Metals
  • 06 42 00     Wood Casework
  • 07 24 00     Insulation (EIFS)
  • 07 50 00     Roofing
  • 07 90 00     Joint Sealants
  • 08 10 00     Doors & Hardware
  • 08 45 00     Windows
  • 09 20 00     Drywall / Framing
  • 09 30 00     Tiling
  • 09 50 00     Ceiling
  • 09 65 00   Flooring – Resilient
  • 09 67 00   Flooring – Fluid App.
  • 09 68 00   Flooring – Carpet
  • 09 90 00   Painting
  • 10 00 00   Specialties
  • 11 40 00    Foodservice Equip
  • 11 50 00    Educ. & Sci. Equip
  • 11 60 00    Ent. & Rec. Equip
  • 11 70 00    Medical Equipment
  • 11 74 00    Dental Equipment
  • 11 94 00    Vet Equipment
  • 12 00 00    Initial Outfitting
  • 12 30 00    Manf. Casework
  • 13 34 19     Metal Buildings
  • 13 34 23     Fab. Structures
  • 14 20 00    Elevators
  • 21 00 00    Fire Protection
  • 22 00 00    Plumbing
  • 22 32 00    Water Treatment
  • 22 60 00    Medical Gases
  • 23 00 00    HVAC & Mechanical
  • 23 05 93    TAB for HVAC
  • 23 08 00    Commissioning
  • 25 00 00    Building Controls
  • 26 00 00    Electrical
  • 27 00 00    Data/Comm.
  • 27 51 16     Public Address
  • 27 52 23     Nurse Call
  • 28 10 00     Security Systems
  • 28 39 00     Mass Notification
  • 32 00 00     Landscaping
  • 33 00 00     Sitework / Utilities

To assist you with the qualification process in Avetta, you will need to have the following information available:

  • Basic Company Information
  • DUNS Number
  • Tax ID | EIN Number
  • IRS W-9
  • Company Financials
  • Bonding Information
  • Number of Employees
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Current EMR
  • Safety and OSHA Information
  • Quality Control Information
  • Environmental Information
  • Sales and Procurement Points of Contact
  • Company Registered in E-Verify
  • Company Registered in SAM.GOV
    • Cage Code (Requires Registration in SAM.GOV)
    • Online Representations and Certifications (ORCA) Completed
  • Small and Minority Business Certification Documents (Where applicable)
    • SBA 8a
    • SBA HUBZone (Federal only, State certification not applicable)
    • Minority-Owned Business
    • Tribally-Owned Business
    • Economic or Socially Disadvantaged
    • Woman or Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned
    • Veteran or Service Disabled Veteran-Owned
    • DOT, or other transportation authority
    • State, County or other
    • National Minority Supplier Development Council or other
  • Electronic Capability Statement or Brochure

Qualifying to work with Kirlin Builders:

Register Online. Each subcontractor must register on the Avetta website at http://pages.avetta.com/kirlin and select Kirlin Group, to get access to Kirlin Builders, our Joint Ventures, and all of the Kirlin Group companies.  If you are already a member with Avetta, simply log into your account and link your company with Kirlin Group. Avetta representatives will be available to provide assistance by phone, at (877) 725-3022.

After completing the registration, you are able to receive Invitations to Bid on projects we pursue in your area. Register today!

Direct all registration questions to Avetta.

How do I contact Avetta?
Phone: (877) 725-3022
Email address:

How do I contact Kirlin Group?
Email address: VetMe@kirlingroup.com
Please identify your company, question & business unit you currently work with or want to work with.


Click,  view, and download below for continuing small business education materials from our Small Business Center:

De-Mystifying Small Business Standards:

Effective Marketing Techniques:

Please see the following websites for additional industry-supported information regarding your small business qualifications.





Kirlin Builders understands the complexity of navigating the Federal Contracting arena, and the challenges faced by small businesses who seek to expand their foothold in the Federal Construction Marketplace.

Kirlin Builders regularly reviews the performance of our subcontractors through their responsiveness to Bid Invitations, competitive pricing, on-time delivery of service, professionalism, and quality of work.

Through our ongoing efforts to ensure Small Business Participation in the Federal Contracting arena, Kirlin Builders has developed a Strategic Partnership program where we identify those subcontractors who have demonstrated quality performance and a professional business model to match our own, and make partners of those exemplary subcontractors.

The SBA Mentor Protégé and Joint Venture programs of Kirlin Builders give qualified SBA 8a Certified firms the opportunity to gain additional experience, enhanced capabilities and financial support to pursue larger projects they could not previously obtain on their own.



For more information, and if you are interested in being considered for the Kirin Builders Mentor Protégé and Joint Venture programs, please contact the Kirlin Small Business Administrator at PREQUAL@JJKLLC.COMAttention:  Mentor Protégé Program

A primary customer of Kirlin Builders, LLC (KB) is the Federal Government, and as such, all of our contracts for federal work contain the following FAR clauses:

As a result, all subcontractors (except small business) who submit an offer more than $700,000 for service or $1.5 million for construction must include an Individual Subcontracting Plan and Small Business Participation Plan with their offer.  They must also submit an Individual Subcontract Report (ISR) and their Summary Subcontract Report (SSR), in accordance with paragraph (l) of FAR 52.219-9 using the Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS) at http://www.esrs.gov.

Individual Subcontracting Plans, must  address subcontracting with small business (SB); veteran-owned small business (VOSB); service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB); HUBZone small business (HUBZ);  small disadvantaged business (SDB); women-owned small business (WOSB) concerns, and Alaskan Native Corporations or Indian tribal-owned firms (ANC), with a separate part for the basic contract and separate parts for each option (if any).

The subcontracting plan shall be included in and made a part of the resultant contract if awarded. Large businesses must negotiate and get an approval of Individual Subcontracting Plans within the time specified by the KB Solicitation.  Failure to submit and negotiate the subcontracting plan shall make the Offeror ineligible for award of a contract.

Individual Subcontracting plans must include all of the requirements of FAR 52.219-9 and:

  • goals expressed in terms of percentage of total contract dollars, in addition to goals expressed as a percentage of total subcontract dollars
  • include all subcontracts that contribute to contract performance, and include a proportionate share of products and services that are normally allocated as indirect costs. In accordance with 43 U.S.C. 1626–
  • List the name of the person in the organization responsible for administering the subcontracting plan, and their contact information
  • A Small Business Participation Plan that details how the contractor plans to ensure maximum practicable opportunity and participation by Small Business on their contract.
  • A commitment to hold subcontractors whose contracts offer opportunity to Small Business accountable for submitting subcontracting plans and reporting in accordance with FAR 52.219-9.

For more information, or assistance, please contact:

Lisa C. King
Administrator:  Contracts and Small Business

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