The Military Engineer Spotlights Aviano AB, Italy

The Military Engineer magazine has a great article written by Michael Sedge about working on international projects. Michael is a successful author and speaker, but is also an owner of Michael-Bruno LLC. They were our Italian subcontractor/partner on our recent Aviano project that we did with Synergy Kirlin JV. This was a very successful project. Javier Mora was our onsite Project Manager and there was also an onsite manager for Synergy. Jake Gum and Luis Luna headed up the efforts on this side of the pond. Barry Klassy headed up the project from Kroescell’s side. There were many others that assisted to make this project successful. As a small bit of background info, we went into this with an end user that wanted no part of us being there. They did not have an issue with SKJV, but did not like our competition and just assumed we would be more of the same. Our CCASS rating was about the best I have ever seen and the facility wants us back to do more work. Congrats to the entire team that put this project together and built it and to our partners in Italy who we could not have done the project without.

KB-TME Article

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