Ambulatory Surgical Suite

(Fort Meade, MD)

For the Ambulatory Surgical Suite, KB repaired and renewed approximately 17,500 SF of space in the First Floor “B” wing area of Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center to build a consolidated surgery center able to provide general and orthopedic surgical procedures. The renovated space on the first floor provided for pre-operation, surgery, post-operation recovery, and staff support spaces. On the ground floor, another 4,590 SF of space was renewed and a 1,700 SF addition built to provide the Ambulatory Surgical Suite a central material sterilization area and new building infrastructure.  The project brought Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center up to code and greatly improved the standard of care for patients.

Design effort entailed a detailed on-site investigation. Our design team canvassed the project site to determine the extent of renovation required. The inspection included all interstitial spaces and rooms where mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were placed. KB then met with all pertinent stakeholders to describe our plan of work and reveal our investigation findings. End user needs were factored into the final project area layout as well as the flow of the surgical center functions.

This renovation relocated the entire surgery suite from the second floor to the first floor “B’ wing.  The new space included four operating rooms (3 general & 1 orthopedic), a new sterilization area, 28 pre and post bed stations, anesthesia, patient exam rooms, central material sterilization area, waiting areas, and admin space. A penthouse was constructed above the building addition to house the surgery center’s air handling units. KB completed the project in 3 phases, with Phase 1 being the construction of the transition trailer, Phase 2 renewing the Housekeeping and Medical Maintenance area, and Phase 3 the construction of the new addition and renewing the Ambulatory Surgical Suite.