BSL3 Lab Renovation – Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

(Forest Glen, MD)

This goal of this project was to upgrade finishes in two existing Bio-Safety Level 3 Laboratories, known as BSL3, and to completely renovate two existing BSL2 laboratories to make them BSL3 level. Project location was at the Walter Reed Institute of Research in Forest Glen.

KB was tasked to execute a design that called for minor renovation work to the existing BSL-3 Laboratories, including the painting of the interior walls and hard ceilings of the lab with an epoxy based high performance coating.  The perimeter of existing cabinets were caulked with an elastomeric sealant to the walls, floor and the joints between the cabinets.  The goal was to eliminate the possibility of a biological select agent from collecting in a space that cannot easily be decontaminated.  There was also a supply outlet added to a support room and the areas were adjusted and rebalanced.

As with most all BSL level 3 laboratories, KB installed a CO2 branch line with multiple outlets and replaced multiple HVAC exhausts outlets to meet air pressure needs for the lab space and make BSL-3 level compliant. This meant installing a new boiler stack to accommodate the increased air flow needed to keep air quality at the required level.