Cordell Hull Visitor Center

(Carthage, TN)

Situated around the pristine Cordell Hull Lake, Kirlin Builders designed and built a state-of-the-art Visitor’s Center oriented around a gorgeous main entry and lobby. The building was designed by Ross & Baruzzini with the natural surroundings in mind. A spacious vaulted lobby was constructed to give the building depth and presence. The building was likewise constructed conveniently and adjacently to all of the attraction of Cordell Hull Lake.

The 8,000 SF building was provided an attractive sloped entrance that commanded attention from the access road while providing a stunning panorama of the surrounding woods and the Lake in the backdrop. Our design incorporated several re-used and durable materials – notably the wood used on the trusses and the ceiling material – to give a distressed look to the timber features of the lobby area, again with the surrounding area in mind. Exterior walls were provided highland gray brick and finished with natural stone to match that in the lobby. KB utilized Sustainable Design features throughout design and construction to maximize LEED® sustainability.