Diesel Fuel Tanks

(Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA)

Kirlin Builders replaced two 40,000 gallon underground diesel fuel tanks and their leak detection systems. The existing tanks were located south of the Emergency Room driveway at Madigan Army Medical Center in at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. As part of the replacement efforts, the existing tanks were removed and their contents siphoned to be placed into the newly installed tanks.

After excavation was completed and the existing tanks removed, the new diesel fuel tanks were hoisted in place and secured to an existing ballast slab. New double-walled piping was routed to the interstitial space serving the building and connected to the fuel piping system. After testing the tanks and piping, Kirlin Builders backfilled the buried tanks and transferred the fuel removed from the old tanks. We then performed the landscape restoration. The driveway and emergency roadways affected by construction were paved with new concrete and asphalt. Kirlin Builders then installed a new canopy by the covered walkway to protect the area from debris and prevent rainwater from entering the manholes and tanks whenever fueling and testing occurred.

The new underground diesel fuel tanks are made of double-walled steel tanks with a fiberglass coating and have sufficient capacity to meet and exceed 96 hours of simultaneous generator and emergency boiler operations.