Dining Hall Renewal

(Dublin, CA)

Still in progress, KB designed and is still building this massive dining hall to serve the Army Reserve center at Camp Parks Dublin, CA. This complete renovation promises to provide soldiers and their families with a commercial kitchen and dining experience that serves the Army’s needs for decades. This 32,000 SF building was a 1950s wood frame facility.

While maintaining the structure and shell of the building, KB is providing completely up to date finishes and system including mechanical, plumbing, and electrical appropriate for a dining facility tasked with serving thousands of meals each day. The exterior is re-clad to keep the same inviting charm and provide a consistent overall appeal with surrounding buildings.

Designed to meet LEED® Silver, Camp Parks Dining Hall will be a paradigm as a dining area for U.S. soldiers that will provide diverse and nutritious dining options in a more inviting atmosphere.