Family Care Clinic

(Fort Huachuca, Arizona)

The Family Care Clinic project required Kirlin Builders to remodel an existing space on the ground floor of Raymond Bliss Army Health Center to create a modern area to support the Care Clinic’s staff and patients. The Family Care Clinic was an 11,000 SF outpatient clinic. To keep the Family Care Clinic functioning, Kirlin Builders upgraded a 5,500 SF swing space on the ground floor to meet the clinic’s day to day patient treatment needs while the Family Care Clinic was renewed.

Remodel of the swing space included installing a new air handling unit. Architectural modifications included new paint, floors, doors and ceilings. The swing space layout remained almost entirely intact with minimal layout changes. Anti-Terrorism Force Protection was addressed by replacing windows with reinforced, blast-resistant frames and glass. Renewal of the Family Care Clinic began with a complete demolition of the clinic, including remediation of asbestos and lead containing materials identified during our site survey. After demolition, the space was outfitted with new plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems. Metal stud walls were then erected and finished with a gypsum wallboard and given a level 5 finish. New ceilings, doors, hardware, and flooring were then furnished and installed in accordance with Fort Huachuca base finishing standards.