Outpatient Clinic

(Fort Huachuca, AZ)

KB’s work on the Military Medical Clinic at Fort Huachuca, AZ involved extensive coordination and planning between Kirlin personnel and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The project began with a complete demolition of all existing systems, including roofing and mechanical. Groundwork was laid to construct a new addition to the clinic that incorporated a new entry, an enlarged waiting reception area, a new record room, a negative pressure isolation room with a separate restroom, and a new triage office. Prior to KB’s work at the clinic, the existing building had undergone three previous renovations that could not meet the needs of the buildings intended use. Under KB, the building now has new energy-efficient features and an automated building controls system. Clinically, the flow and expandability allows for the delivery of private and quality medical care to serve Fort Huachuca’s military units for decades on end.