Rader Clinic

(Fort Myer, VA)

KB was tasked with renewing the Andrew Rader Health and Dental Clinic. Rader Clinic is a two story building with a crawl space constructed in 1967, with 55,080 SF of building space. This design/build project consisted of a complete renewal of the existing facility while maintaining the current level of medical and dental services for active duty and retired military personnel and their dependents in the area. Design effort entailed a detailed site investigation led by design firm Ross & Baruzzini, Inc. Together we inspected all interstitial spaces and rooms where the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were kept. We also observed all public areas and corridors. KB met with all building stakeholders, including the Facility Manager, U.S. Army Medical Command personnel, and staff to describe our plan of work and investigation findings. We also discussed end user needs and worked to accommodate those needs into the final design.

The clinic is comprised of numerous small departments, including a Medical Administration, Pharmacy, Primary Care/Family Practice, Pediatrics, Pathology Lab, Radiology, Physical Therapy, Specialty Medical Clinics, Behavioral Health, Public Health, Dental Clinic, Command Administration and Logistics. Demolition included HAZMAT abatement of asbestos and lead containing building materials, demolition of existing interior partitions, and removed building infrastructure systems. Once the design and demolition completed and transition spaces to house medical and dental clinic functions were put in place, KB constructed new spaces for those specialized departments in two phases. New mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were installed throughout Rader Clinic, as well as fire suppression and data/communications. Windows were also replaced to be made blast resistant to meeting anti-terrorism force protection requirements.

Rader Health and Dental Clinic represents KB’s largest project completion to date in both scope and magnitude, and today serves the staff and patients at Fort Myer soundly with a multitude of healthcare services to soldiers.