Building Envelope & Automation

(Aviano, Italy)

The building envelope and automation repair at Aviano Air Base, Italy┬árepresents Kirlin Builders’ first ever project completed in Europe. The project, done with our joint venture partner Synergy Project Consultants out of El Paso, Texas, involved several upgrades to the exterior walls of Aviano Hospital and mechanical repairs to the adjacent Vet Clinic at the air base, located in the province of Pordenone. In total, we provided a reseal, refinish, and repair of all exterior walls, a new lightning protection system, and the installation of safety ladders along the perimeter. Several improvements were made to the damaged water resistant barriers, and extra layers of protection were added to the exterior and flashings to make a water tight building envelope along the hospital building.

Lighting protection with terminals, conductors, connections, and rods were installed atop the hospital at the highest possible point to protection against at power outages. At the Vet Clinic, the HVAC system was upgraded to provide better air quality and control to the surgery room in the clinic. KB and Synergy replaced two fans, ductwork, coils, and diffusers before testing and balancing the system to ensure proper airflow and turn it back over for use by the clinic staff.