Research Labs Renovation – Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

(Forest Glen, MD)

KB renovated approximately 40 Research Labs and offices in Building 503 at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, known as WRAIR. This project was completed in a series of phases that allowed the research missions at WRAIR to continue without KB construction activities interrupting or jeopardizing their research. More than 25 phases in total were initiated to accommodate laboratory availability. KB took painstaking steps to phase and schedule the renovation of the Research Labs so there would be no displacement of staff while we made renovations to the various rooms. Prior to demolition, maximum airflow readings at diffusers, grilles and fume hoods were measured by KB, recorded and submitted to the client to determine base line lab conditions once renovations were completed.

Several items were reused as part of our sustainable renovation efforts, including cabinets and counters. The labs themselves were all given similar casework finishes, ceiling grid and tile, and matching ceiling modifications to supply/return air grilles. Select ductwork was demolished and replaced, and diffusers, grilles, and thermostats reused to the greatest extent possible. New diffusers and grilles were also added to serve the new Research Labs layout.

KB was also tasked within this project to construct a cold room/freezer lab on the ground floor of the building, which required new mechanical and dry-type fire protection systems to support the constant temperatures needed in those areas. At the conclusion of the project KB was able to provide modernized Research Labs for Building 503 at Walter Reed with a more streamlined floor layout for staff that allowed WRAIR staff to conduct research.