TESCOR Chamber – U.S. Army Institute of Environmental Medicine

(Natick, MA)

In support of USARIEM – the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine – KB provided design/build services to renew the TESCOR Chamber to bring the building area up to code. As part of our effort KB disassembled the TESCOR Chamber from it’s original location in Great Lakes, IL and relocated it to Natick, reassembling it adjacent to the institute. While the TESCOR Chamber was being relocated, KB provided a new concrete pad to place the chamber on with a reinforced concrete walkway leading to the control room and the TESCOR Chamber.

Construction of the control building took place after reconstruction of the chamber. The Control Room was constructed of exterior wood stud walls with insulation, moisture and vapor barriers and corrugated metal finish, wood roof framing and insulation, and associated roofing, ceiling, and floor tile work. Electrical and mechanical systems were also provided and fed into the adjacent USARIEM building. A sliding horizontal window was installed to allow pass through of items between the Control Room and the chamber.

The TESCOR Chamber reassembly included equipment installation and wired control panels being furnished. New flooring was applied. A bi-directional relief damper was added after testing to relieve chamber pressure during testing. The end result was a state of art chamber able to produce a controlled laboratory environment for effective experiments and studies by the Natick research staff.