Wet Labs – U.S. Army Institute of Environmental Medicine

(Natick, MA)

In support of USARIEM – the U.S. Army Institute of Environmental Medicine’s – mission, KB completely renewed the outdated Wet Labs area at the institute’s Natick, MA location. As Wet Labs are laboratories that house liquefied forms of chemicals, drugs, and other biological matter, KB accounted for researcher needs by adequately designing and installing the necessary shelf and counter space needed to conduct sensitive experiments.

Before construction work began, two modular trailers were furnished to accommodate relocated staff. The trailers were outfitted with 16 individual office spaces. In order to not disrupt research experiments by the Wet Labs staff, KB performed an initial phase by which we renovated two laboratory spaces to immediately serve researchers while keeping other laboratory spaces operational. Completed in 5 phases, the Wet Labs projects provided the area with completely new walls, doors, windows, fire suppression, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems that suited laboratory needs and brought the building area up to current code. KB also installed new lab furniture and a special epoxy waterproof flooring treatment to make the research environment as optimized and staff-friendly as possible.

KB continued this phasing plan to gradually migrate staff into renovated laboratory areas while not having too many Wet Labs areas under construction at a time so the conduction of research was never compromised. We worked diligently with staff and Facilities Management to accommodate mission needs while being unobtrusive and maintaining stringent infection and dust control. This phased approach allowed us to work on specified rooms during day/night shifts and on weekends. First rate coordination with the Facility Management office facilitated a successful project that today ideally serves the institute’s needs in the conducting of Wet Labs research.