Kirlin Builders is devoted to the design/build process. Building experts are integrated with design experts. Through an unrelenting endeavor to achieve a high standard of excellence, we’ve developed a team of professionals and partners – including subcontractors and vendors – who provide the most complete design/build solution for our clients.

The primary service provided by Kirlin Builders is General Contracting. We oversee and perform your projects to your specifications. We are partners with our clients, helping them transform a facility and delivering the highest standard of excellence.

Here is what we can do for you.



As your general contractor, we embrace professionalism, teamwork, value-added design, innovative management and top-notch construction practices. We are the standard of excellence that all of our partners must strive to achieve.


With our diverse, skilled and national subcontractor pool, we gather the components of the team that best fits your job. But value is equally as important to our mission. For that reason, we solicit at least 3 bids for each major trade segment of the construction project. We then interview, analyze and vet each bid to ensure that competing companies understand the scope and budget of the project. This process results in a unified team effort with everyone starting on the same page. A great start is key to a great finish.


Our Project Managers and Superintendents undergo rigorous cross-training in Safety and Quality Control. Their experience and training enables them to manage all aspects of the job effectively. Supporting these job site professionals, is our Construction Executive team – responsible for the oversight of micro-regions throughout the United States. Our Construction Executive team is further enhanced and guided by our  Corporate Headquarters in Charlotte, NC. This layered approach provides a keen awareness for quality, innovation and job integrity.


Kirlin Builders’ onsite management staff is supported by our Corporate Safety and Quality Control Directors, who each provide their unique expertise and experience to the project. Both Directors frequent our project sites at key intervals to assess jobsite Safety and Quality Control, and maintain communication with the entire team at our project sites throughout the job to ensure optimal safety and quality procedures are exercised at all times.


Once construction on our projects are completed, we perform full project closeout – which includes Operation & Maintenance Manuals and Training, and training of newly installed systems. We also provide our clients with all the required documentation for future servicing, including warranties, punchlist item resolution and record drawings.


Finally, in most cases, Kirlin Builders will return to the site approximately 10 months after the project is completed. This visit is conducted to assess all items still under warranty and to ensure all systems are working correctly.


Design and Preconstruction go hand-in-hand. We work directly with architects and owners during the planning stages. Our job at this time is to help both parties establish the construction budget. Our estimating team works closely with local subcontractors and material suppliers to develop accurate project costs through all phases of the design. We also meet regularly with the customer, architect, and subcontractors to develop comprehensive project schedules and constructible solutions. We have worked closely with some of the country’s preeminent architect and engineering firms and are proud to have produced stunning project results for our clients.


Kirlin Builders is a strong proponent of sustainable practices. In nearly every project, we’ve taken on the responsibility to incorporate sustainable features into our designs and final construction projects. We utilize the expertise of our professionals. We have several LEED® Accredited Professionals on staff. And we embrace their innovative thinking into our projects. In our offices and on our job sites, we continuously explore ways to reduce environmental impacts through technology and conservation. We research cutting-edge technologies, such as alternative energies, high-performance systems, renewable materials, and jobsite recycling, and incorporate these innovations where most effective. As a USGBC Member (United States Green Building Council), Kirlin Builders is well equipped to guide our clients toward any level of green building certification or sustainability level desired.


Safety is the top priority for Kirlin Builders. Our award-winning program is the standard of excellence in the industry. Led by our Safety Director Joe Visgaitis, CHST.  Safety is our number one priority in all projects – large or small. Our commitment extends across all levels. Every member of the Kirlin Builders project management team is OSHA 30 Hour and American Heart Association CPR/First Aid certified, with more than 90% of our staff holding an even higher level of specialized safety certification.

For every project, Kirlin Builders develops plans to identify and mitigate safety risks and hazards on every project site. These include:

  • Comprehensive accident prevention plan
  • Activity hazard analysis
  • Site-specific safety plan, and
  • Pre-task planner

Additionally, our plans include our subcontracting partners throughout the process. It is important to Kirlin Builders that safety is incorporated at every level in order to achieve a total team buy-in.

The results of these steps speak for themselves. Kirlin Builders has won several awards and been recognized by some of the nation’s more prestigious safety bodies


David Angelloz leads our quality control service. As the director of Quality Control, Dave believes that quality is an “attitude, a habit, and a way of thinking.” Kirlin Builders is a proponent and champion of the three-phase approach to quality control: Preparatory, Initial, and Follow-Up. The tasks incorporated in each phase are defined at the outset in our Quality Control Plan. Here’s how it works.


We begin the quality control quest weeks in advance of the project construction start. We first inspect the job site thoroughly and assess what is needed to maintain quality throughout the project. This inspection includes an analysis of:

  • Acceptable workflows and materials accessibility
  • Schedule and transportation of materials from the laydown to the jobsite
  • Assessment of the ongoing building operations
  • Possible disruptions of day to day tasks, and
  • Coordination with the client, staff, and subcontractors


In this phase, Kirlin Builders ensures the coordination of personnel, materials, and equipment – making sure that all are in place – ready to go from the outset and in the days to follow. We inspect workmanship every day. And we are particularly interested in an inspection after the first day of trade activities to ensure a standard is set for all activities to follow.


In the Follow-up, which is ongoing throughout construction, we monitor all work completed on a daily basis. We document all of the work and immediately take corrective action if the Initial standard has not been met.


Our project management staff is involved in the creating and revision of project schedule throughout all phases of the project. We work with the client and our subcontracting partners to develop a logical, detailed schedule that accounts for contingencies. The schedule is the basis of a successful project. Our schedules focus on the needs of the customer and the end user. We strive for and have completed several projects ahead of schedule without sacrificing convenience, quality, or cost. We understand that your goal is to have your building ready to meet your business and operational needs as soon as possible.


With a staff of highly experienced and proven professionals, our estimating department is both deep in expertise and singular of purpose. They are devoted to conceptual, schematic, and design development budgeting. We confidently provide costs for any project delivery method. Our estimators have developed a national network of subcontractors, each of whom are qualified and experienced performing specific trades and projects. We also have a network of specialty service subcontractors like surgical equipment manufacturers, sterilization, laboratory furniture and casework, and dental treatment equipment and casework. 

Our estimating team is an integral part of Preconstruction. This group includes specialists in planning, scheduling, mechanical & electrical systems, sustainability, and quality control – a team with the full range of preconstruction expertise to ensure a smooth and successful construction phase.

BMH Engineering is our in-house design and management team. Led by President Jeffrey C. Hildreth, PE, LEED® AP, BMH provides design and commissioning services to Kirlin Builders as well as other consultants and firms. BMH is based out of Atlanta, GA and includes a staff of architects and engineers specializing in mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and architectural design. Serving Kirlin Builders, this team travels across the country to meet with clients and produce comprehensive designs and work plans for construction. BMH employs LEED® Accredited Professionals and incorporates sustainable design methodologies.